Guidelines for Papers

Publication Opportunities:

Selected papers will be submitted to the Scientific Committee under review process for possible publication in the Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology (JEPE), ISSN 311-5065, ISI quoted. This requires an extra publication fee: 100 euro/paper (50 euro membership fee + 50 euro publication contribution) - to be paid after notification of paper acceptance.

Rules for Publications from BENA members:

Only BENA members (at least one of the authors), can submit papers for publication to JEPE (the fee for BENA membership should be paid one year before of its paper submission).

From January 1st 2013 the International Board of BENA has decided unanimously the following rules for JEPE Publications in order to give possibility to all BENA members to publish their work in JEPE:
·      1st  Year BENA Member: 1 publication per year
·       2nd  Year BENA Member: 1 publication per year
·       3rd  Year BENA Member: 1 publication per year
·       4th  Year BENA Member: 1 publication per year
·       5th  and more years BENA Member: up to 2 Publications per year

BENA membership has to be renewed each year. 

New BENA members should take into consideration that their possibility to publish a paper to JEPE becomes active 1 year after their registration, provided the new member will be active (participated to BENA Conference, other activities, etc.) during whole year.

Deadline for full paper submission for JEPE: 15th September 2016

Please DO NOT PAY the publication fee for JEPE until you have received the confirmation of acceptance of the full-paper!

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